How to control when your tyre blowout during driving

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Tyre blowout

The proper reaction to a tyre blowout So, what is the correct procedure for coping with a tyre blowout? The most important thing is to stay calm. Then, you can easily follow these additional steps: Maintain the correct driving posture behind the steering wheel and, using both hands, retain control of your car after the tyre bursts. Do not lay … Read More

Winter Driving Tips

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winter driving tips

Snow chains – practice putting them on before you go, and also check them after driving 10 metres once they’re on, they go on the wheels with drive, so check if your car is front, rear or 4WD. Check overseas rules and regulations for driving abroad. Arrange overseas breakdown cover and insurance. Buses use both parts of the road on … Read More

Winter tyres or snow chains

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snow chains

It stand (that numerous drivers don’t have any acquaintance with it) that mid year tyres aren’t fitting for heading to ski resorts amid the winter season. You require Winter tyres and snow chains that are uniquely created for driving at low temperatures (delicate summer elastic solidifies at 7 degrees Centigrade and loses its grasp) and profound snow – winter or … Read More

Check your tyre pressure at least once a month

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Tyre pressure

Incorrectly Inflated Tyres – Reduced eco-friendliness: When tyres are under-swelled, their moving obstruction increments. This implies they require more vitality or fuel to make them turn. Consider that it is so hard to ride your bicycle with underinflated tyres! – Increased safety risks: Vehicle handling, cornering, increasing speed, braking and wet grip are altogether impeded if tyres are not swelled/inflated … Read More

October is Tyre Safety Month

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tyre safety month

Ideally every week but at a minimum every month and before heading off on long journeys. Every vehicle owner should look at tyre pressure, tread, cuts and any bulges. A tyre can actually be underinflated without looking flat so be careful when taking a reading.Tread depth can be easily checked with a 20p. Place the coin in the trench of … Read More

Tube Tyres vs Tubeless Tyres

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Tube tyres vs tubeless tyres

TUBE TYRE The tube tyres are the tyres which have a separate inner tube placed inside them. If tube tyre is punctured then you are not able to drive the vehicle. TUBELESS TYRE The tubeless tyres are the tyres which don’t have a tube inside them. The tubeless tyre doesn’t mean it won’t work with a tube, it just means … Read More

Tyre maintenance increase its life time

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Used tyre maintenance

Proper tyre maintenance maximize the lifespan of your tyres and help to maintain their performance levels.The positive group recommend part worn tyre as excellent value, often citing the fact they’re “shipped in from the continent where the tread depth laws are different” and swear they’re good value for money.    Tyres are a imperative and the only part in car … Read More

Regulate the tyres age

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Regulate the age of your tyres Not sure how old your tyres are, and don’t have the receipt from your last purchase? No apprehension — this is a common issue and we can show you exactly how to find out. If you look closely at the side of each of your tyres, you’ll see a bunch of letters and numbers. … Read More

Part worn Tyre maintenance Tips

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Part worn tyre maintenance

Vehicle tyres are the most important part form all the other exterior elements. Its regular check up and proper maintenance is necessary to prolong the life of tyres. Whether your vehicle tyres are new or part worn tyre maintenance is essential. By proper check up, it can retain their performance for long time, till the time of replacement. Routine maintenance … Read More