When purchasing new tyres, it’s important to know about how long you can expect them to last. Although tyre manufacturers provide estimates on how many miles the tread is good for, tyre longevity can be impacted by factors such as the elevation of the place they’re driven, how curvy the roads are and if they’re used in cold or hot climates. For all-season tyres, the tread-life longevity is typically between 40,000 and 100,000 miles (64,374 and 160,934 kilometers)

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If you live in a dry desert like climate with no snow or ice, you don’t need an all season tyre and you’d lose some traction by using one. You want something with solid tread blocks.
This tyre will stick like glue to the road, and channel water away when it rains. It will be terrible in snow.

If you live in a snowy area, you want a tyre with siping. Siping is tiny cuts in each tread block which give you traction in snow and ice.

There are also compromises between these tyre types which include large tread blocks for excellent dry road traction and siping for light snow.